Client: Stüssy
Services: Marketing, PDP copy, SEO
Year: 2018
Stüssy’s copy is enriched using SEO strategy that, after data-based research using Moz and Google Search Console, draws on style names, categories, gender and colours, which are the most popular keyword groups amongst the brand and its competitors in fashion e-commerce. Additionally, the conversational tone of voice is the outcome of consultation with Branding at Stüssy, where the protection of the surf and skate influences of the label are key.

Selected work:

Stussy’s recent men’s and women’s collections are littered with loose cuts that lean towards a formal visual – largely through its shirts and blazers – while many of its pieces, such as the Script Cap and Cities T-shirt, continue to rely on the brand’s tried and tested comfy essentials that dip into its traditional skate base. Regardless of specifics, the take-away from the collection is clean, all-season appeal in punchy greens and yellows that’s rooted in So-Cal freedom and is difficult to hate.

The light-hearted heritage Magic 8 Ball reappears across sweaters and shorts, which puts us in mind of the limitless choice of motifs that imbue the Stussy canon and of just how long the label has been able to stay youthful and relevant to what people are bothered about.